from now on i’m gonna release my stuff under a new artist name ☺️
there have always been uncertainties about the pronunciation of „Misses U“, so i decided to change it 🤷🙃

and another great news for today:
i’m gonna drop my second album in March 2021

logo by incredibly talented Renaldo Rohrmoser 🖍️

i’m sooo hyped about performing at this years Popfest Vienna!! 🙂

SATURDAY, JULY 27th – TU Prechtlsaal – 01:00


Red Bull Austria appointed me one of the female rappers in Austria you should know! 🙂 (i’m gonna blushhh 🙂 )


full article on here:

„MEHR“ catched the 2nd place of the PROTESTSONGCONTEST 2019!

collaborating with 5 other female rappers (Bella Diablo, Lady Ill-Ya, Mag-D, Ms Def and Yasmo) from Austria, we released the track „MEHR“ and made it to the finals of the PROTESTSONGCONTEST 2019 where we won 2nd place! 🙂


A Single of my debut album is now on the FM4 rotation for more than 3 months!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-29 um 13.jpg

I know you already been desperately questioning yourselves: „where is the third psychedeLIVEsession??!!“ – THERE IT IS!!! 🙂

Have you seen my live sessions I started recently?! 🙂

I called them psychedeLIVEsessions and everything in there is live respectively looped! no quantization // no melodyne // no overdubbing // nothing like that. 🙂

check it out! more comin soon!

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